Coral - New account frozen due to old self exclusion

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24 April 2017


Trevrizent wrote:

Yes, Coral do seem to want to have their cake and eat it here and should refund any deposits you made while excluded. You might like to point this out to them and add that, if they don't do so, you will be forced to make a formal complaint against them to the UK Gambling Commission (I'm assuming you're a UK customer) for failing to implement responsible gambling in a fair way.

Yes I am from the UK.

I can belive that using the same email address for 3 accounts never flagged up. I have opened accounts and either asked to have them closed or in one account I had in 2014 i emailed them saying "due to gambling problems I wish to close my account" and that account I belive was not self excluded. Yes I asked to be self excluded for 6 months and was able to open up new accounts without any problems.

I have self excluded myself from most bookmakers bet365, hill etc and if I try to open up a new account with different address detail (home and email) the account is blocked straight away and when I ask why they are able to locate my self exclusion.

Coral are very poor at this. I only opened a new betting account as I have done this in the past with them without any problems. All that I was willing to gamble with was £50 and that was my limit, If I lost i would have closed the account and not realised that the account should not have been opened in the first place and that I could be owed money from asking to be self excluded in 2012.

The £600 will clear a few bills if I am successful.


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