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Basically I won £1,900 everything was fine they needed my passport so I sent it in to verify my account I was told everything was fine just a bit delayed as I lost the card on which they wanted me to send in. They said there would be a way around it and this took 5 days. I got a email Wednesday saying that they were in a Fraud case and my account will be closed and the deposited funds of £390 will be refunded and the file will be complete. I have no idea about the Fraud I've not done anything wrong at all and they've found any reason not to pay me what I rightfully won.

NETBET Withdrawl Problems

Good Evening, I joined NetBet and I've been depositing for a while getting no luck the other day we'll Tuesday I won £1,900 I withdrawled it and waited for a response. I got told I needed to send my passport in to verify my account. So that's what I have done I seem to be getting messed about and no one is getting back to me via email or phone. Been on the phone for 40 minutes plus and it doesn't seem legit. NetBet I enjoy the site but it's causing me stress as no one is getting back to me about my Withdrawl I've done thing wrong and it's unfair.