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188Bet reject paying 17.000$.

Registered in, deposited money and got First Deposit Bonus 28%. I knew that is a solid bookmaker. But after giving bonus they requested for 15 times rollover and when I rollovered more than 15 times, they cut my account, just refund my deposit and 17.000 $ they "took", explaining that I am using multiple accounts. I even don't understand with whom, they mean, I am using accounts???
So I will advice to be very careful with their bonuses and promotions.
Who can help me in this situation?

188bet dont want to pay me my money! What to do?

So I made a withdrawal on 29th of April and haven't received my funds since then. They gave me transaction number but neither my bank nor Visa can find that number. Obviously because it does not exist and because they have never made the payment to my card.

Talking with them was useless all this time. Their support is slow and stupid, on purpose I guess. My bank have contacted their bank 3 weeks ago, I dont know the current status on that, but I guess nothing will happen.