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Do not deposit on this site , if you will earn money they will block you account and you will erase all amounts you have in the account.
This happened to me when I won €240 , they said that they had violated the rules of the bet because I bet 3 times the same game, €1, €1, €10 stole my winnings

Hello ,

this site calls is pure SCAM . . they raped all my winnings ( like 200 paund ) and suspended my account...

They are saying i manupilated their rule below...

5. Any bets placed on any type of Handicap (except 3 Way Handicap) or Over/Under bets will not count towards the rollover.

my bets was like this ( live bet )

min 10 Atlas win first half
( both lost anyway )
min 25 Atlas win fist half...