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Bet770 feedback/NetBet merger

Does anyone have had any recent experience betting with Bet770 and receiving a payment from them?

They are in Bookmakers Review Red list, but earlier in February a company representative told us the company changed its payment procedure and started processing payments in maximum 8 days for all players adding that the "tremendous delays" Bet770 players experienced in recent years were a thing of the past.

photo copy of credit/debit card

please see below email from this a normal request?

We inform you that your withdrawal request of £ 150 is currently being processed by our payment agent.

In order to complete the transfer, our bank needs the front /back copies of your identity card and of your credit card number **************** which you have used to deposit on our website.

You may send us these copies by fax at: (+44) 207 419 5711 or by e-mail as file-attachments, indicating your e-mail or login (illegible documents cannot be accepted).