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Betway unsettled bet - ESSA

I placed a bet with Betway on the Sergey Betov vs Dmitry Surchenko match which finished on 09/10/16 and resulted in Surchenko winning, which was the player I had bet on. The bet has still not settled so I contacted Betway about the issue and they said it is under investigation by ESSA. Recently I've been trying to contact ESSA to ask for any updates but they don't reply and Betway say they have no authority over them. Surely Betway can get in contact with the ESSA to let their customers know what is going on. This is obviously a way of hoping to avoid payment.

Betway possible dispute?

I made a sports bet for the Football (Celtic - Legia Warszawa) in 2 accumulators

The result has been changed officially from a Celtic loss to a win due to an ineligible player being used. I have gone through the terms and conditions and it says the official result will stay. Celtic were awarded 3-0 win but both remain as losses for me.

I have spoken to the customer services and they are not agreeing with me but are not giving me evidence to show why I am not entitled to my payout. I have tried to look for terms but states only about official result.

Betway - very poor, be wary

I wanted to share the awful experience I have had with for the benefit of the community.

I opened an account in the summer to back Chris Froome for the TDF at their best price offer. I took advantage of the standard bookmaker sign-up bonus offers, getting £135 in 'bonus balance'.

After Froome obliged I tried to withdraw half of my (approx £1,300) balance. I was prevented from withdrawing anything. They referred me to a clause, buried down at no.11 in their Bonuses Ts & Cs;