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Bwin cancelled my bets

My long story short: Bwin cancelled 5 of my winning bets and I have a negative balance. : This is a screenshot of my winnings the previous day and I managed to make a withdrawal request.

I only found out there was a problem when I lost my winnings and I deposited £50 but the balance remained at £0.0.
Here is a screen of what has happened :


i just found gamebookers isn't in green list, and it's not in any list at all.
rating is 3.5. any reason?
it was my 1st bookie with bet365 in 99-2000 years and never had problems with them. i don't use them anymore, but several months ago i deposit money for one bet won and cash out money without problem.
if there isn't any special reason i think it's unfair its rating.
am i wrong? (i don't say about odds etc)