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2.5 is not a positive rating

Bookmakers Review quite often receives comments from players complaining that certain bookmakers rated 2.5 should be rated lower.

Today was no exception when we started the rating coverage for PointCasino at 2.5.

While we welcome and urge players to submit their feedback, we must remind everyone that a 2.5 rating stands for "Weak - Assigned to bookmakers with more blemishes than strengths and/or vulnerable to problems and adverse business conditions."

It is important that if players use the BMR ratings as a reference they understand what the ratings mean.

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Unlike other bookmaker review sites, sportsbook ratings sites and betting forums, that use their top ratings to get more money from the marketing departments of online bookmakers, Bookmakers Review assigned the "5" rating only to a handful of gambling sites in its ten-year life.

There are a number of online bookmakers that Bookmakers Review is currently considering for a top rating of 5 and we would like our readers and the members of the new BMR Community to help us determine if they deserve it.