self exclusion mistake winngs taken away

I opened an paddy power account on Monday deposited 800 pounds lost deposited another 600 pounds and won 5000 pounds,came off it for an hour went back tried to log in and it said it was blocked. So I rang up they said u self excluded yourself in 2010. "how can I remember that far back." as for that I forfit my winnings they refunded my deposite, my argument was u let me play for. 2 hours I should keep my winings but they said that I should not have opened account, I replied with u should not have let me open an account.

Self excluded but could still open an account -

Over the years I have had major gambling issues and I am currently working with gamcare on this.

I have virtually self excluded myself from all online bookmakers (well the major ones) so I can't use there sites anymore.

I self excluded myself for 6 years from 2years ago.

A few days ago i registered with them again and over 36 hours deposited on nearly £1,500 and lost the lot.