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Sports Spread

Hello, I am wondering what dealings people have had with SportsSpread.
Whilst im not making a complaint YET, i imagine i will do pretty soon.
I have played with them for a while, and recently was lucky enough to win. requested a withdrawal and thats where the fun starts!

Just wondering if anyone has actually been paid by these yet?

My withdrawal has only been going on about 3 weeks now so i know its still relatively early (for them) but the lack of response and the customer service level is absolutely shocking.

Sports Spread payment issues

Sports spread in Ireland owe me in excess of £7000. First withdrawal was "accepted" at the end of August and nothing has been paid. Numerous phone calls are batted off by unhelpful staff with all kinds of bizarre excuses. Brian O'Neill who apparently is the only person who can authorise payments occasionally replies to emails with assurances of funds coming through, payment will be made, bare with me etc but then disappears for 3 weeks.