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Sports Spread payment issues

Sports spread in Ireland owe me in excess of £7000. First withdrawal was "accepted" at the end of August and nothing has been paid. Numerous phone calls are batted off by unhelpful staff with all kinds of bizarre excuses. Brian O'Neill who apparently is the only person who can authorise payments occasionally replies to emails with assurances of funds coming through, payment will be made, bare with me etc but then disappears for 3 weeks. Review - do not honour withdrawals


Hi all I have requested a withdrawal of £2500+ over seven weeks ago and this has not been honoured.

The "cowboys" answering the phones in the Dublin office are avoidant and tell a succession of lies aimed at fobbing you off or not answering your query.

I have been directed several times to an accounts member Rob who is impossible to get hold off. I was assured a resolution within "the coming days" via E-mail but after several more weeks have not received anything.