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Unibet - ok for Scandinavian punters?

Have observed all the stick (obviously deserved) Unibet are getting for confiscating accounts. Their rule in the terms and conditions (2.3) does not exactly aspire confidence: 'Unibet reserves the right, at it's own discretion at all times to close an existing Unibet account, without any explanation whatsoever'.

Unibet locked my account and does not give me a time frame for a possible solution


my name is Vladimir, i am from Russia, and I am writing you this email regarding the situation that occurred to me with betting operator, Unibet. I will go step by step describing the whole situation. At the moment my account is blocked and I have to access to it.

Unibet complaint

I sent my documents to unibet to receive a payment and they told me it would take 3 days.
After 4 days i went to chat and they told it would take 6 weeks.
They say they are investigating my account.
I dont understand how 3 days are now 6 weeks.
Can someone please help me?