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Placed my £25 first bet and unfortunately lost. Thought 'at least I've got the £25v free bet as promised... Wrong!! Nothing appeared on my account so went on their live chat;
Caleb: We regret to inform you that a business decision has been made to limit your eligibility for our free bet offers on the basis of these checks. Due to this decision the welcome free bet was revoked and you will not qualify for any current promotions.
Caleb: We would like to point you in the direction of our terms and conditions. These are the terms you agreed upon when registering the account: complaint

I have been a customer of for a few months and was told I was invited to their VIP scheme. As part of that this weekend I received a promotion saying that I would receive matching free bets upto £500 per premier league match if I bet on the away team and they lost. I did a few but not all matches and was allowed £500 on every time I tried. I now have 2 £500 free bets in my account from the weekend and I am due another. However when I tried to place a bet on tonight's premier league I received an error message saying I was limited to £27.